About Us

Pauline Molding&Plastics Co.,Ltd

Pauline Mold  has engaged in  moulds and all kinds of  different  finished products production for more than 15 years.

We also have branch company in aboard and branch company in Suzhou. During these years, we are also working on our own brand finished products

In 2016, our company has developed our own brand car karaoke microphones and conference microphones, cell phone singing microphonesand similar Automobile  products. 

We could like to make the world people like finished products made by china.Also we have got high reputation from customers  because of our sincerely service and  good quality ,best price.

Last year we were be honored by our china government for one of brand factory in our city.

Last year we do total annual sales  60 million dollars .

We're pretty modest, but we're also incredibly proud of having created a top OEM and ODM makers .

Our car karaoke microphones has been honored by china old president Hu jing tao.

Customers are first place in our company,here we have special team in strict quality control for each product.                                                

Our Sales Area

Now there are more than 28 different countries customers have cooperated with us. 

Our advantage :

1.We have strictly Inquiry Control, ISO 9001Quality Control ,Shipping Packing Control, Constantly service .

2. Our company is the first developer of car karaoke maker in the world. With our microphone, you could sing in car like karaoke products.

3. We could also supply cell phone,computer ,conference microphones ,earphones and realted products  for you.

 Our Misssion :

Try our best to let cooperate customers and potential customers 100% satisfied with us though it may be difficult .

We will sincerely try all that we can to help customers solve problems .Customers satisfied with us is our mission.

Our Service:

Our company can supply service from OEM and ODM service for customers like Automobile  products, Microphones and related products to car and music.We would at service at customers need according to your requirement .

No matter we can cooperate or not, We would like to service you if  you need us help.Thanks for your attention